North Dakota Farmers Union

North Dakota Farmers Union is committed to the advancement of family farm and ranch agriculture and is the state’s leading proponent for families on the land.

The organization has successfully defended the state’s anti-corporate farming law for decades. The law protects North Dakota’s family farm system of agriculture by prohibiting corporations from owning land or engaging in production agriculture. The most recent challenge to the law came in 2016, when Farmers Union members referred legislation that would have allowed corporate ownership of land for swine and dairy operations.

Farmers Union understands that the strength of our state’s economy and communities rise and fall on the whims of the marketplace and Mother Nature. Our family farm system of agriculture delivers food abundance for a hungry nation and beyond, and is vital to American food security and renewable wealth.

Now more than ever, farm income has taken a drastic decrease, leaving family farmers wondering if they’ll be able to withstand another year of revenue that is below production costs. National and state farm policy, as well as trade policy, are only making an already grave situation worse.

Now is the time for family farmers to talk to their local candidates about their positions on the issues that matter to family farmers. Whether you live in a rural or urban district, these issues dramatically affect the state of North Dakota’s economy, and the cost of local foods. Join us in our movement today!